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Soodustab uute naharakkude kasvu. Kui see nii on, siis on ka selge, miks maal on naaskelsabadega nakatatus suurem ja just maapiirkonnas tuleks eriti hoolega jälgida laste kätepesu ning kui lapsel esinevad naaskelsabad, siis ravida. J Pharm Pharmacol. Üledoseerimisel juua rohkel vett. Sama võis korduda ka kõigi teiste küsimuste puhul.

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MacKenzie, Ross; Collin, Jeff Cartilaginous suu poletik efforts of members of the tobacco industry to portray themselves as responsible corporations via ostensible commitment to improved labour practices and public philanthropy have attracted growing criticism.

This is particularly true of corporate social responsibility CSR schemes undertaken in emerging nations that are designed to rehabilitate the tobacco industry's image among public, government and market opinions in North America and western Europe. In the case of Thailand, sponsorship of arts events and community groups has been one avenue of Cartilaginous suu poletik the industry in a regulatory environment that severely curtails promotion and advertising.

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Analysis of PM funding announcements since the end of the ASEAN art programme in Thailand reveals that recent donations to tobacco-related community organisations reinforces the extent to which seemingly generous acts are driven by corporate self-interest rather than social responsibility. Progress has been realized at many frontiers: Integration studies of the source into a scanner have primarily been studied on the Xe source because it has a high degree of maturity.

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We report on integration with a collector, associated collector lifetime and optical characteristics. Collector lifetime in excess of 1 bln shots could be demonstrated.

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Next, an active dose control system was developed and tested on the Xe lamp. Resulting dose stability data are less than 0.

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The second part of the paper reports on progress in the development of the Philips' Sn source. First, the details of the concept are described.

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It is based on a Laser triggered vacuum arc, which is an extension with respect to previous designs. The source is furbished with rotating electrodes that are covered with a Sn film that is constantly regenerated.

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Hence by the very design of the source, it is scalable to very high power levels, and moreover has fundamentally solved the notorious problem of electrode erosion. Power values of W in 2p sr are reported, along with a stable, long life operation of the lamp.

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The paper also addresses the problem of debris generation and mitigation of the Sn-source. The problem is attacked by a combined strategy of protection of the collector by traditional means e. These principles have been studied in the Lighting industry for decades and rely on the excessively high vapor pressures of metal halides.

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Transferred to the Sn source, it allows pumping away tin residues that would otherwise irreversibly deposit on the collector.