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The study focused on the analysis and interpretation of airgun array signals recorded by OBSs during and Collect spilled product by absorbing with specific floating absorbents4. All these changes were not present after the recovery period, anymore.

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  3. As the mixtures were stored no longer than this time period, the stability was guaranteed.
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  6. Lubricating oils (petroleum), base oils, - Registration Dossier - ECHA
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  8. The following may be subjected to the procedure for checking or establishing a state of intoxication: 1 a driver of a vehicle or another person if there is reason to suspect that the person has committed an offence, the necessary elements of which include a state of intoxication, exceeding the prescribed limit of alcohol, or the consumption of a narcotic drug or psychotropic substance or another intoxicating substance; 2 a person who exhibits clear signs of a state of intoxication if he or she may pose a threat to himself or herself or others; 3 a minor who exhibits clear signs of a state of intoxication.

In addition, studies in keratinocytes indicate that MAP3K1 signalling through JNK is important for actin stress fibre formation and cell migration. We have identified a mouse mutant, goya, which exhibits the eyes-open-at-birth and microphthalmia phenotypes. In addition, these mice also have hearing loss.

The goya mice carry a splice site mutation in the Map3k1 gene.

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We show that goya and kinase-deficient Map3k1 homozygotes initially develop supernumerary cochlear outer hair cells OHCs that subsequently degenerate, and a progressive profound hearing loss is observed by 9 weeks of age.

Heterozygote mice also develop supernumerary OHCs, but no cellular degeneration or hearing loss is observed. MAP3K1 is expressed in a number of inner-ear cell types, including outer and inner hair cells, stria vascularis and spiral ganglion.

The identification of the goya mutant reveals a signalling molecule involved with hair-cell development and survival. Mammalian hair cells do not have the ability to regenerate after damage, which can lead to irreversible sensorineural hearing loss.

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Given the observed goya phenotype, and the many diverse cellular processes that MAP3K1 is known to act upon, further investigation of this model might help to elaborate upon the mechanisms underlying sensory hair cell specification, and pathways important for their survival. In addition, MAP3K1 is revealed as a new candidate gene for human sensorineural hearing loss. Hidroelectrica S. Decebal 11, RO, Ramnicu Valcea Romania The variable demand on the energy market requires great flexibility in operating hydraulic turbines.

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Therefore, turbines Solvestab Lomit Head Hurt frequently operated over an extended range of regimes. Francis turbines operating at partial load present pressure fluctuations due to the vortex rope in the draft tube cone.

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This phenomenon generates strong vibrations and noise that may produce failures on the mechanical elements of the machine. This paper presents the failure analysis of a broken Francis turbine runner blade. The failure appeared some months after the welding repair work realized in situ on fatigue cracks initiated near to the trailing edge at the junction with the crown, where stress concentration occurs.

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In order to determine the causes that led to the fracture of the runner blade, the metallographic investigations on a sample obtained from the blade is carried out. The metallographic investigations included macroscopic and microscopic examinations, both performed with light and scanning electron microscopy, as well as EDX - analyses.

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These investigations led to the conclusion, that the cracking of the blade was caused by fatigue, initiated by the surface unevenness of the welding seam.

The failure was accelerated by the hydrogen embrittlement of the filling material, which appeared as a consequence of improper welding conditions.

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In addition to the metallographic investigations, numerical computations with finite element analysis are performed in order to evaluate the deformation and stress distribution Solvestab Lomit Head Hurt blade.